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Why do you choose us?

We ensure our clients best service. We also give you guarantee that you with never be deceived for your dependence on us. We ensure transparency in work. At present market is flooded with refurbished products! You should be careful in choosing genuine products. We can blindly put faith on us. Please come our service center for genuine products.

Performance of the Company

Sai Laptop service center is a reputed one and it is the number 1 service center in Bangalore. It is our challenge to render excellent service to our clients. We prove it by our action / performance. We claim transparency in work from the beginning to end. At the time of receipt of your product we get  your signature on the spare parts in the machine i.e. Keyboard, RAM, CPU, Hard disk, Batteries, Adopter, LCD, Motherboard etc. all there are kept in a separate tray. Even screws are also kept in a small box. We provide a copy of all spare parts for your record and there is no scope of missing of any spare parts. We have a reputation in the IT market. We render our best service to our clients for their satisfaction Sai Laptopis a name in the market.


Customer’s satisfaction is our main motto. We afford all kinds of co-operation and support for their fall satisfaction. We provide pickup and drop facility. Online service request and online status are also available. We give our clients much importance and listen to their problems patiently. Our experienced engineers solve their problems with modern sophisticate machine (BGA-CRO-BIOS Programmer). Our brand - Sai Laptop Service is a name in the service world. We provide world class service at a moderate rate with challenge. We feel that good reception and communication will certainly play a vital role in maintaining cordial relation with the clients. We feel that clients are always right. We maintain transparency in our work and we are proud of that.

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